area, who bought a vehicle from Passport Auto Group in recent years, could be getting some money back in the form of a check in the mail.

Tri-Fold Diagnostic Charts 100 ea. .

Low Level - Wear Metal Ions Test Strips For All Automotive & Heavy Duty Vehicles.

Mid-range: Mid-range kits will include wider support for a range of autos, custom radiator caps and improved materials and construction.

Gear and Crankcase Oils / Heavy Duty Diesel. Take 33 cc of Oil sample in a. Part # PHO3006.

50 Test Strips.

Brake Fluid Test Kit; Powered by the vehicle battery; won't operate if connected to the wrong polarity. . Diagnostics for Brake, Power Steering and Transmission Fluids.

On-screen prompts lead you quickly through testing. .

Tri-Fold Diagnostic Charts 100 ea.

3 ea.

. .

Test. .

Using a vacuum pump is the easiest and cleanest way to accomplish this, allowing access to the oil sump through the dipstick tube.


Fluid Transfer Kit MVA6001. Works w/ virtually any liquid cooled internal combustion engine or generator w/ a closed cooling system. AMSOIL provides oil analysis service options.

By analyzing used engine oil, a qualified lab can detect mechanical problems your engine may have. Part # PHO3001-PLUS. No additional tools needed & no need to tap into an engine vacuum source. 35 years experience in optical system design and development. .


View Detail Page. Acustrip's Fluid Diagnostics evaluate the condition of all automotive fluids from antifreeze, brake, oil, and transmission.


No additional tools needed & no need to tap into an engine vacuum source.

com PR: Alan Paradise alan@fluidrxdiagnostics.

class=" fc-falcon">Instant Lubricant Test 6-Spot Test Sheets.

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